4th July 2022

Workout of the week: 20-min barbell strength workout

You don't have to be a bodybuilder to reap the benefits of barbell training. Here's a 20-minute barbell strength workout to prove it.
13th October 2021

Compound exercises: what are they and why do they work?

Compound exercises are the key to a powerful, capable body. Ever felt a tweak in your back, squatting to pick up a heavy box on moving […]
5th May 2021

4 Functional Shoulder Exercises to Improve Mobility

Ever tried to get a particularly tight jumper off and felt a twinge in your shoulder? Functional shoulder exercises can help you with that.
21st April 2021

6 lunge benefits and why they should be on your workout

When we think about leg exercises, we immediately think about squats. But Lunges can become your allies to reach this goal. Here are six lunge benefits.
27th January 2021

Kettlebell for Beginners: How to Start

Discover where to begin your kettlebell adventure. Kettlebell for beginners reveals all about this gym equipment and the standard move to perform it.
30th November 2020

Tutorial: Jumping Lunge with Arms Overhead

The jumping lunge with arms overhead is an explosive whole-body movement that demands high levels of power and control. Here's how to perform it.
23rd November 2020

Tutorial: Single-leg bridge

The single-leg bridge is one of the best exercises to develop a proper hip extension for exercise and performance. Here is how to perform it.
2nd November 2020

Workout of the Month: No fuss

This 14-minute full-body workout may be performed using only an exercise mat, but it's definitely not for a nap.
21st August 2020

Video: 10-minute morning workout

This 10-minute morning workout can be squeezed in before work, getting you pumped and feeling accomplished for the rest of the day. Start your workout now!