30th August 2023

3 tips to get back to the gym after a vacation

Getting away from it all – from everyday stresses, your job, the commute – can be utterly blissful. And from ice creams around the pool to […]
23rd August 2023

The importance of proper hydration in fitness

Without water, there would be no life. This is an unusual statement to start a fitness-related article, but it’s also self-evident. Without water, life as we know […]
21st August 2023

Workout of the week: 20-min upper body workout

ALL LEVELS / upper body workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Incline chest press machine, dumbbells, dips bar & gym mat Upper body workout enthusiasts: rejoice! Here’s a […]
16th August 2023

4 benefits of training in the heat

Summer is here. The joyous season of long days, casual adventures, and beachside escapades allure us to step outside and welcome the great outdoors. This season is […]
14th August 2023

Workout of the week: 30-min AMRAP workout for strength 

ALL LEVELS / AMRAP workout for strength / 30 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells & gym mat By now, you probably know what AMRAP stands for. If you don’t, […]
7th August 2023

Workout of the week: 10-min cardio and core workout

ALL LEVELS / cardio and core workout / 10 minutes Equipment: Gym mat August’s scorching heat makes it harder to find the motivation to exercise. Combined with […]