20th June 2022

Workout of the week: 25-min functional full-body workout

ALL LEVELS / functional full-body workout / 25 minutes Equipment: Barbell & gym mat At EVO, we’re proud supporters of the functional training approach. In case […]
15th June 2022

Dynamic warm-up: Definition, benefits and routine

Can we ask you a question? Would you rather spend five minutes running round in circles, or five minutes priming your body in a way that […]
13th June 2022

Workout of the week: 30-min full-body strength workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body strength workout / 30 minutes Equipment: Kettlebell, dumbbells, dips bar & gym mat Regular exercise has plenty of benefits: it reduces high […]
6th June 2022

Workout of the week: Full-body workout for time

ALL LEVELS / full-body workout for time / 15 minutes Equipment: Core bag & gym mat Building a workout is always a fun challenge, and we […]
1st June 2022

6 tips for maintaining your fitness goals in the summer

For many exercisers, summer is the main event. The season we sweat it out for during autumn, winter, and spring. Wel, not in our world. The […]
30th May 2022

Workout of the week: 45-min strength and core workout

STRENGTH AND CORE WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / strength and core workout / 45 minutes Equipment: Plyo box, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebell & weight plate There are many […]
25th May 2022

What is plogging and why does it feel so good?

What if we told you that you could get fitter and save the planet at the same time? Enter: plogging. The running craze has been around […]
23rd May 2022

Workout of the week: 30-min functional strength workout

ALL LEVELS / functional strength workout / 30 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells & exercise mat Functional training is all about mimicking day-to-day activities and guaranteeing that you can perform […]
16th May 2022

Workout of the week: 15-min full-body EMOM workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body EMOM workout / 15 minutes Equipment: Gym bench & exercise mat Whether you love HIIT or hate HIIT, you have to recognize […]