16th December 2020

The dangers of sitting all day (& how EVO can help)

We don’t need another batch of research to tell us how being slumped at a desk all day is damaging our health. There are a multitude […]
27th February 2018

6 benefits of treadmill/ indoor running

Running outdoors has a string of advantages. It’s the most natural form of movement, allowing you to mix up training with a multitude of terrains. Hit […]
20th February 2018

Five solid tips to build your endurance

It doesn’t get easier – you get better. In other words, you increase your endurance. It’s any athlete’s goal – whether it’s to run faster, longer, […]
10th July 2017


intermediate workout / timed circuit / hurdle or step 6 exercises 45s per exercise 3 rounds 30s rest between rounds 15 minutes Strength 5/10 Power 5/10 […]
18th January 2017


By now, most of us will have settled into the New Year, and are back to the routines of work and family life. Although it may […]
18th May 2016


EVO is about simplicity, it’s about using less to do more. To achieve this, we developed a unique design concept that considered equipment selection and layout […]
11th July 2015

5 natural movements everyone should be doing

Natural movements are extremely simple to add to any existing fitness program, and will benefit both your indoor training as well as your outdoor activities. Here […]
11th July 2015

EVO Geneva offers cutting edge fitness assessment technology

EVO Rue de Lausanne, Geneva will be the first club in the EVO group, and one of just a few worldwide, to offer Pressure Plate technology […]
11th July 2015

EVO boutique fitness chain arrives in Switzerland.

The boutique Norwegian fitness club chain EVO, opened their 41st EVO Fitness Club, and the first in Switzerland – with their exclusive license partner Holmes Place […]