Which rules apply to handling of personal information?

As a member at EVO, you give us access to your personal information. We want you as a member to feel secure knowing that your information is controlled in a proper manner. Therefore, in this privacy policy, we ensure that we process information in accordance with current laws and regulations, and according to any eventual resolutions handed down from public authorities. In this policy statement we explain how EVO safeguards its members’ privacy, what information we collect, how we collect it and for what purpose it is used.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that can be connected to an individual. For example, at EVO this applies to name, address, date of birth, sex, email address, mobile telephone number and credit card information.

Responsibility and basis for handling

EVO is responsible for processing personal information that is collected when you use our services. When you set up a membership with EVO, we are able to process your personal information. This is necessary in order for us to be able to deliver the service we promise. (See personal information law § 8 letter a.) We also handle your personal information based on your consent given when you resister to become a member.

What information do we collect about you?

Information you supply

EVO handles personal information you provide when you register with us, as well as other information you voluntarily give, such as when you provide information to a personal trainer. This can be your name, address, email address or other information.

Information we collect when you use our services

When you use our web pages or train at our clubs, we register your activity. We digitally collect information about what technologies you use, such as mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. We also collect information about web browsers, IP address and the like. We also handle information regarding which articles you read on our web magazine, as well as any communication you have had with customer service or others with ties to EVO.

We also track how often you use EVO, how long you have been a member at one of our clubs, and which EVO clubs you visit. If you have a contract with a personal trainer, or have provided personal information needed to receive a tailored training program, we also save this information. What you do while you train is not registered.

Information we receive from others

In certain cases, we may receive information from third parties who assist us in analyzing use of EVO’s digital platforms. We can also receive information from social media. It may also be that we purchase demographic information such as education, type of dwelling and so on, about you from third parties.

Credit card specifics

EVO collects your credit card information. This occurs either at registration or when you make changes to your card information.  EVO does not have access to your credit card, but has an agreement with DIBS, which is the company that handles your credit card information. You can find out more by reading here: At EVO, your credit card information is made anonymous and unreadable.

Video surveillance specifics

EVO has video surveillance of its centers. This service is provided by NOKAS. You can read more about NOKAS at Our video surveillance is done in accordance with current laws and regulations, and meets the Swiss Data Inspectorate’s guidelines and requirements. No real-time surveillance is done at our centers, except when one of our alarm buttons is activated, as in the case of an acute injury or illness, for example. If this happens, all cameras are activated at NOKAS’s alarm center. Images are stored on an own server at NOKAS, and only in special cases is film used, most often to uncover criminal activity or violations of membership conditions regarding center access. Only employees of NOKAS and designated EVO employees have access to these images. All images are deleted automatically after seven (7) days.

What is information used for?

We work continuously to give you a tailored and positive experience at EVO. Here are the most important objectives for which we use personal information:

  1. To deliver those services you expect. For example, we need your email address and mobile phone number in order to send you relevant information.
  2. To save you time and effort. Through automatic login and pre-entered information.
  3. To understand statistically based market trends and needs. We analyze data for large user groups to develop and improve our product to you.
  4. To tailor articles and information to you and your interests. We can, for example, show you articles and training programs that match up with things you have read or shown interest in.
  5. To target advertising, offers and content, and to measure its effect. We want to show you content that is as relevant to you as possible. We also measure how accurate we are in this. Therefore, we use information about you, where you are and what you read.
  6. To prevent unwanted or criminal activity. It is very important for us that EVO is a safe place to train. We do what we can to prevent criminal or otherwise undesired activity. We use several types of data to uncover rule violations, for instance, how often an access chip is being used, etc.

Marketing and surveys

We can send you offers about products and services via email or other channels. You can choose to decline this service in your settings. All marketing carried out in this manner complies with marketing law.

Occasionally we conduct surveys. Target groups for surveys can be based on personal information such as age and sex.

Is information shared with others?

EVO, in certain cases, shares personal information with other businesses. This is primarily to be able to provide better and safer services. Here are the most important examples:

  1. When others provide services on our behalf. This can be, for example, when we employ a third party to carry out payment transactions. These businesses are forbidden from using such information for any other purpose than the service they provide us.
  2. For security reasons. In order to protect you from others gaining access to your user account.
  3. Suspicion of illegal activity. In such cases, information will be made available to public authorities upon request. We will also be able to deliver information upon suspicion of fraud, or information necessary to resolve known disputes.

How can I administrate information about myself?

Update personal information

It is important that the information we have on you is correct. You can update your information on “My EVO”, via this link:


You will find more information about our use of cookies on our web pages. Here you will also find information about how you can administrate cookies yourself.

Deleting personal information

At any time, you may terminate your membership at EVO. In such a case, we do not store personal data any longer or to any greater degree than necessary to fulfil the objective of storage, unless required by law. In addition, we anonymize your information after a maximum of two years, with some notable exceptions. The most important exceptions to deletion are:

  1. For accounting purposes, we are required to retain payment transactions for ten (10) years. We do not have access to your credit card number, only the actual payment transaction.
  2. We preserve your provided email address and mobile phone number, so that we can contact you with certain offers after the terminated membership period. You can stop this communication at any time.

Access to personal information

You can, at any time, contact us at [email protected] and request access to personal information we have for you. You have the right to receive this information at no cost, consistent with the requirements of current law.

Data protection officer

EVO employs a dedicated data protection officer to ensure secure and reliable handling of personal information. You can contact EVO’s data protection officer at the following email address: [email protected]


This document was last updated 22 January 2018.