4th August 2021
im Sommer ins Fitnessstudio | sport durant l'été | gym during summer

6 reasons to hit the gym during summer

There’s no such thing as a “summer body”. There, we said it. If that’s a controversial statement, then so be it. Your body is a body, […]
2nd August 2021
Ganzkoerper dumbbell workout | entraînement complet du corps avec haltères | full-body dumbbell workout

Workout of the week: 20-min full-body dumbbell workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body dumbbell workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells Dumbbells are a classic piece of equipment in every gym. So much so that sources […]
28th July 2021
Abs und Core | abdos et tronc | abs and core

The difference between abs and core

Contrary to popular belief, abs and core are not the same. Abdominal muscles – or, as we like to call them, abs – are the exterior […]
26th July 2021
single-arm kettlebell circuit | circuit kettlebell avec un bras

Workout of the week: Single-arm kettlebell circuit

SINGLE-ARM KETTLEBELL CIRCUIT ALL LEVELS / single-arm kettlebell circuit / Equipment: Kettlebell Last week we brought you a functional circuit workout. This week, we will continue […]
21st July 2021

Tabata, EMOM & AMRAP: why you should do HIIT

Short-burst exercise isn’t only perfect for those short on time — it’s also a flawless match for those looking to add variety to their workouts. Like […]
19th July 2021
Zirkeltraining | circuit d'entraînement | circuit workout

Workout of the week: Functional circuit workout

FUNCTIONAL CIRCUIT WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / circuit workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Exercise mat Any regular gym goer has at one point performed a circuit workout. These training […]