24th January 2022
Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

Workout of the week: 10-min bodyweight AMRAP workout

ALL LEVELS / bodyweight AMRAP workout / 10 minutes Equipment: Exercise mat Short-burst exercise isn’t only perfect for those short on time — it’s also an ideal match for […]
19th January 2022
foundation training

Foundation training: what it is and why it benefits you

You can’t overhaul your body overnight, no matter what the quick-fix training plans promise. Big transformations are a result of a series of small changes. And […]
17th January 2022
functional strength workout

Workout of the week: 15-min functional strength workout

ALL LEVELS / functional strength workout / 15 minutes Equipment: Weight plate, kettlebell, and dumbbells Strength training isn’t just about getting bigger muscles. In fact, these […]
12th January 2022
Functional Training fürs Snowboarden und Ski fahren | Ski ou de snowboard avec l'entraînement fonctionnel

Going for the Snow? Here’s How Functional Training for Snowboarding And Skiing Can Help You

Winter break is coming, which means it’s time to head to your local chalet and enjoy some extreme sports. But how can you make sure that […]
10th January 2022
full-body workout

Workout of the week: 17-min full-body workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body workout / 17 minutes Equipment: Medicine ball, core bag, kettlebell It’s a classical debate in the fitness industry: should you go for […]
3rd January 2022
TRX AMRAP workout

Workout of the week: 20-min TRX AMRAP workout

25-MIN TRX AMRAP WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / TRX AMRAP workout / 20 minutes Equipment: TRX, medicine ball, and pull-up bar There is no need to be […]