25th January 2023

Muscle cramps: how to prevent them

They may be temporary, but they sure are painful. Muscle cramps, those involuntary contractions that strike when you’re least expecting, can leave you debilitated when it […]
23rd January 2023

Workout of the week: 20-min metabolic strength workout

ALL LEVELS / metabolic strength workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Kettlebell, dumbbells & resistance band In our first session of 2023, we vowed to bring you different workouts […]
16th January 2023

Workout of the week: 20-min upper body strength workout

ALL LEVELS / upper body strength workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells, lat machine, dips bar & Swiss ball Strength upper body won’t immediately turn you into […]
11th January 2023

5 energy-boosting tips to avoid the afternoon crash

We’ve all been there. You make it through the morning, right into lunch, and then bam! Your mind and body sludge into the dreaded afternoon crash. […]
9th January 2023

Workout of the week: 9-min cardio AMRAP workout 

ALL LEVELS / cardio AMRAP workout / 9 minutes Equipment: Gym mat When most people think about cardio workouts, they think about 20 minutes running on the treadmill […]
4th January 2023

7 hacks to keep your fitness New Year’s Resolutions

We can’t think of a bigger cliché than fitness-related New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, studies show that exercising more and losing weight are two of the most popular resolutions […]