13th October 2021
Compound Übungen | exercices composés | compound exercises

Compound exercises: what are they and why do they work?

Compound exercises are the key to a powerful, capable body. Ever felt a tweak in your back, squatting to pick up a heavy box on moving […]
11th October 2021
100 reps strength workout

Workout of the week: 30-min 100 reps strength workout

ALL LEVELS / 100 reps strength workout / 30 minutes Equipment: Barbell & kettlebell What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think […]
6th October 2021
Sleep bette | Schlaf besser | Mieux dormir

A to Zzz: How to Sleep Better (and Train Better)

How to sleep better is a pivotal question when it comes to excellent workout performance. From A to Zzz, here are some tips to help you out.
4th October 2021
core and stability workout

Workout of the week: 10-min core and stability workout

10-MIN CORE AND STABILITY WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / core and stability LIIT workout / 10 minutes Equipment: Swiss ball & dumbbells We’ve already said wonderful things […]
27th September 2021
functional strength workout

Workout of the week: 15-min functional strength workout

ALL LEVELS / functional strength workout / 15 minutes Equipment: Exercise mat Let’s get stronger the EVO way. There’s a difference between isolated strength exercises and […]
20th September 2021
cardio challenge

Workout of the week: 10-min cardio challenge

ALL LEVELS / cardio challenge / 10 minutes Equipment: Exercise mat & stopwatch We have all been here: we wake up feeling super energized, we slay […]