1. EVO’s main product is club membership without a binding contract.


  1. Unless otherwise specified, membership is active from the day you register. At registration you are charged a registration fee, plus a membership fee for the remaining days of the month in which you register. The registration fee is CHF 69.- , and the standard membership fee is CHF 69.- per month.


  1. From the time of termination of your membership, the notice period will be up to one month. Your membership will run until the end of the current cancellation month.


  1. EVO has a minimum age requirement of 18 years, and you can be asked to show identification. If it is discovered that you are under the age of 18, membership will be terminated immediately, and registration and membership fees will not be refunded.



  1. You should have your personal access chip with you at all times while training. This is what allows you into the training center. You may pick up your access wristband/chip by meeting up at one of our introductory hours. Remember to do this before your temporary access code expires (read more about “retrieving access chip” on My EVO).


  1. As a member at EVO, you may train at your primary center and all our centers in Switzerland that have not exceeded the maximum membership. You can find an overview of which centers you have access to on My EVO under “Primary Club”.


  1. Membership at EVO is personal, and your access wristband/chip may not be loaned/transferred to others. If two people go through the entrance consecutively on the same access chip, the surveillance camera by the entrance will be activated and the security company alerted. Membership can, in such an event, be terminated without further warning, and registration and membership fees will not be refunded.



  1. As a member at EVO, you administer your own membership via My EVO. This means that you must log in to My EVO if you wish to change personal information, primary center or bankcard, set up a freeze period, terminate membership, etc. Termination via email or handwritten letter is not valid. Upon freezing or terminating your membership, you will receive an email confirmation of the desired action.


  1. From the time of termination of your membership, the notice period will be up to one month. Your membership will run until the end of the current cancellation month.


  1. It is possible to freeze your membership for up to three months per year. Freezing a membership costs CHF 20.00 per month, and must be performed in the month prior to the beginning of the desired freeze period. Be aware that a membership cannot be terminated while in a freeze period.


  1. You are responsible for keeping your personal information up to date at all times. You can edit this yourself on My EVO. EVO waives responsibility for any errors in your information that you may have registered.


  1. All inquiries regarding your membership should be directed to ‘Contact us’ on My EVO. You have access to this as a member.



  1. As a member at EVO, you accept that your bankcard will be charged the agreed-upon membership fee on the first day of each month. You are responsible for having updated payment information at all times, such as making sure that your bankcard is valid. You can change payment information on My EVO.


  1. EVO sends reminders via email and text messaging for unpaid membership fees, as well as warnings of automatic termination of membership if fees remain unpaid. Upon repeated warnings, the outstanding amount is sent to a collections agency. Receipts for paid membership fees are available as .pdf files on My EVO under “Payment” and “Check My Previous Payments”.




  1. As a member at EVO, you should become familiar with the emergency plan for the center where you train. This is a drawing of the center with information about emergency exits, fire-extinguishing equipment, calling stations, first-aid kit, and information about how you should respond to various emergencies that can arise at the gym.


  1. EVO has part-time staffed training centers and therefore employs video surveillance to deter and detect cases of vandalism and other unusual activities. Video surveillance can aid you in the case of accidents and the like. As a member, you consent to this.


  1. Training at EVO is done at your own risk, and you have responsibility for possessions you bring with you to the gym. While you train, private possessions are stored in a locker. Remember to bring your own combination lock/padlock!


  1. As a member at EVO, you commit to following all relevant rules for wellbeing at all times, which are available locally at each center.


  1. EVO can, without warning, terminate a membership that violates member conditions or rules for wellbeing, and paid registration and membership fees will not be refunded.



  1. As a member at EVO, you confirm that you do not use stimulants or other substances registered on Antidoping Switzerland’s list of controlled substances, and you confirm that you will voluntarily subject yourself to a drug test. A positive drug test will result in immediate termination of your membership.


  1. EVO desires a clean and healthy training environment and does not tolerate doping of any kind among its members. All members at EVO must refrain from use of controlled substances. Doping constitutes a blatant violation of the training agreement and gives EVO the right to annul the agreement effective immediately. You commit to refrain from using controlled substances as registered on the special list for training centers. You can find the updated list at any time at EVO has entered an agreement with Antidoping Norge regarding drug testing. If EVO registers any sign or symptom of controlled substance abuse, you will be called in to a meeting. During this meeting you will be presented with an agreement/declaration of drug testing, which obligates you at a later time to submit a drug test while at the training center, provided there is evidence of possible substance abuse. Failure to sign this declaration constitutes a breach of member conditions and gives EVO the right to annul the membership agreement.


  1. If tested positive for a controlled substance, you risk being reported to the police.



  1. As a member at EVO, you consent to EVO collecting, storing and processing your personal information. This is for administrative purposes, to make your training journal (My EVO) possible, and to optimize our product offers and open hours. In connection with this, we collect and store your personal details, as well as store the time and date that you registered your access chip at our training centers.


  1. As a member, you consent to allow EVO to use electronic communication channels to address items of interest pertinent to the customer-client relationship, including a newsletter and marketing of new products and services.


  1. We store your personal information as long as you are a member at EVO, and for a period of three (3) months following termination of your membership. This does not include data surrounding center visit statistics, which are stored for a period of one (1) year and thereafter anonymized. Information required by law to store is also stored. In order to be able to send you training tips and offers, we also keep your email address and telephone number on record after you have terminated your membership. You can, at any time, request to be deleted from these communication lists. As a member, you have a right to view and have edited your personal information. You can, at any time, revoke your consent, as it is voluntary to provide personal information, unless such information can or must be stored under legal requirement (such as information necessary to administrate the customer relationship). The responsible party for processing of personal information is Fitness Group Nordic AS via the Chief Operating Officer. All communication is directed to


  1. Disclosure of personal information to others will not be done without your consent. It will, however, be done in connection with administrative activities such as sending out information from EVO, collection of payment and accounting. You can read more about EVO’s processing of personal information here: Privacy Policy.



  1. EVO can, without warning, regulate prices according to developments in KPI, up to but not exceeding 3% per year. Other price changes require a 30-day notice via email or text message.


  1. EVO centers shall at all times maintain a high standard of quality, so that you as a member can train under the best possible conditions. In order to perform necessary maintenance, EVO reserves the right at any time to close its centers for up to three (3) days per calendar year.


  1. EVO has the right to change membership conditions. Before they take effect, EVO will provide notice of any changes that are of significance to, or that negatively affect, individual members.