21st September 2020
liit - evo fitness

HIIT? What about LIIT? Here’s what you need to know

When we hear the words “Low Intensity Interval Training”, we might think of it as “High Intensity Interval Training”’s little sister. A lesser, inferior training method […]
16th September 2020
Plank - planche - Evo Fitness

Tutorial: how to do the perfect plank

It’s one of the most effective and well-known exercises in the fitness world. The effectiveness of the plank in developing static core strength and improve exercise […]
9th September 2020
windscreen wiper abs - abdos windscreen wiper - Evo Fitness

Tutorial: Windscreen wiper

When we talk about perfect bodies, most people will point out the importance of famous six-pack. More than looking good, having a strong core is fundamental […]
7th September 2020
proprioception exercises - exercices de proprioception - Propriozeptionsübungen -Evo Fitness

4 proprioception exercises for a better body control

When it comes to bringing the body, mind and soul together, proprioception exercises are your best friend. Also known as kinaesthesia, proprioception is the brain’s interpretation […]
3rd September 2020
side scale

Tutorial: Side scale

Posture, balance and overall control of the body are valuable features of an excellent physical condition. Usually, gymnastic and strength exercises like the side scale can […]
1st September 2020
gymnastics workout - Gymnastik Workout - entraînement de gymnastique - Evo Fitness

Workout of the month: Back to back

ALL LEVELS / gymnastics workout for strength, power and speed / 20 mins Equipment: Treadmill, rower, bike, pull up bar, exercise mat Some love to train […]