25th August 2021
functional rig - plate-forme fonctionnelle - funktioneller Rig - EVO Fitness

Why the Functional Rig is Like Going Back to Childhood Play?

Playgrounds aren’t just for children – at least, not the functional kind. It might be a good 20, 30, 40 or more years since you swung […]
16th August 2021
50-40-30-20-10 Workout

Workout of the week: Full-body 50-40-30-20-10 workout

ALL LEVELS / 50-40-30-20-10 workout / 15 minutes Equipment: Exercise mat We got to admire regular exercisers: it’s one thing to find the motivation to work […]
11th August 2021
Hybrid cardio - Hybrid-Cardio - Cardio hybride - EVO Fitness

What Is Hybrid Cardio And What Makes It Better Than Traditional Cardio?

Breathing increases, heart rate goes up. That’s the basic definition of cardio – the one we know and love (or, sometimes, maybe, we don’t). But whether […]
9th August 2021
Gesäßmuskel und Beine Workout | entraînement des fessiers et des jambes | glutes and legs workout

Workout of the week: 10-min glutes and legs workout

10-MIN GLUTES AND LEGS WORKOUT ALL LEVELS / functional glutes and legs workout Equipment: Plyo box Plyo boxes — now that’s a funny name for a rather simple […]
4th August 2021
im Sommer ins Fitnessstudio | sport durant l'été | gym during summer

6 reasons to hit the gym during summer

There’s no such thing as a “summer body”. There, we said it. If that’s a controversial statement, then so be it. Your body is a body, […]
2nd August 2021
Ganzkoerper dumbbell workout | entraînement complet du corps avec haltères | full-body dumbbell workout

Workout of the week: 20-min full-body dumbbell workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body dumbbell workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells Dumbbells are a classic piece of equipment in every gym. So much so that sources […]