3rd March 2021
Rückenschmerzen - dourleurs dorsales - back pain - EVO Fitness

Working from home and back pain: 3 ways to prevent it

It’s 2021: the world has changed in so many ways, as have our ways of thinking and functioning. Amazing how quickly we adapt, isn’t it? Still, […]
1st March 2021
Mobility-Training - entraînement de mobilité - mobility training - EVO Fitness

Home workout of the week: 30-min full-body mobility training

30-MIN FULL-BODY MOBILITY TRAINING ALL LEVELS / home workout / mobility training / 30 minutes Equipment: Mat Unfortunately, mobility is often disregarded in traditional workout plans. This […]
28th February 2021
cross-training - entraînement croisé - EVO Fitness

5 Benefits of Cross-Training

Our bodies adapt to whatever stimulus we give them. If you spend all day sitting at a desk, your mobility, joint health and general fitness will […]
24th February 2021
Gymnastikball-Übungen - exercices avec Swiss ball - swiss ball exercises - EVO Fitness

7 Swiss ball exercises to improve your posture

Swiss ball exercises are like running in sand. They provide an unstable (and therefore more challenging) surface for us to move on, without being detrimental to […]
24th February 2021
morgendliches Training - s'entraîner le matin - working out in the morning - EVO Fitness

Rise and Shine: Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Want to know the enemy of working out in the morning? Your snooze button. You know the drill – your alarm grates, you grab five more […]
22nd February 2021
Schulter Workout | entraînement des épaules | shoulder workout

Workout of the week: functional shoulder workout for strength and control

FUNCTIONAL SHOULDER WORKOUT FOR STRENGTH AND CONTROL ALL LEVELS / shoulder workout / 25-50 minutes – depending on your fitness level Equipment: 2x dumbbells, 1x small […]