25th December 2020
HIIT christmas workout - entraînement HIIT de Noël - HIIT Weihnachts-Workout - EVO Fitness

The ultimate HIIT Christmas workout (so you can eat more chocolate)

‘Tis the season to be jolly and we all want to indulge. But with great indulgence, comes great responsibility. To maintain our fitness levels, we have […]
21st December 2020
increase energy levels - augmenter le niveau d'énergie - Energieniveaus steigern - EVO Fitness

5 ways to naturally increase your energy levels

Metabolism controls every physiological process in your body. It converts the food we eat into the energy required to drive everything we do. That includes moving […]
16th December 2020
sedentary lifestyle - sitzender Lebensstil - modes de vie sédentaires - Evo Fitness

The dangers of sitting all day (& how EVO can help)

We don’t need another batch of research to tell us how being slumped at a desk all day is damaging our health. There are a multitude […]
14th December 2020
Christmas workout - Weihnachtstraining - entraînement de Noël - Evo Fitness

12 Days of Christmas Workout: A Challenge

Food is joyful, as is a little indulgence over the festive season. Don’t deprive yourself this year, but don’t slip into a sedentary slump on the […]
9th December 2020
winter workouts - entraînement-en-hiver - Evo Fitness

Winter workouts: the importance of a proper warm-up

Ever thought about this? When we feel cold, our muscles are also feeling that cold. Which means — during winter workouts — they tighten up, become […]
7th December 2020
bmr - Grundumsatz - Evo Fitness

What Is BMR And How Can It Help You Lose or Gain Weight?

Staying alive burns calories. Even when you think you’re not doing all that much, you’re a breathing, blinking, blood-pumping, cell-growing, muscle-contracting machine. All of these functions […]