29th December 2021
healthy eating habits - bonnes habitudes alimentaires - gesunde Essgewohnheiten - Evo Fitness

5 tips for developing healthy eating habits in 2022

Healthy eating habits are fundamental, regardless of what the latest fad diet is, some tips for nutrition never go out of style. Popular diets like Paleo, […]
27th December 2021
full-body EMOM workout

Workout of the week: 18-min full-body EMOM workout

ALL LEVELS / full-body EMOM workout / 18 minutes Equipment: Stopwatch & exercise mat Don’t let the holiday season stop you from staying in shape. HIIT […]
25th December 2021
hiit weihnachts workout | Noël HIIT entraînement | hiit christmas workout

The ultimate HIIT Christmas workout (so you can eat more chocolate)

This HIIT Christmas workout is the perfect burner that will allow you to have as many chocolates as you feel like during this joly season.
20th December 2021
cardio workout

Workout of the week: 20-min cardio workout

ALL LEVELS / cardio workout / 20 minutes Equipment: Exercise mat Cardio workouts have numerous benefits. They help you lose weight, they improve your heart health and sleep quality, among other perks. […]
15th December 2021
cool down

Why is a cool down fundamental after exercise?

10 minutes. That’s all you need to dedicate to cooling down at the end of your workout. Still, many people skip this part, deeming it unnecessary, […]
13th December 2021
AMRAP for strength

Workout of the week: 12-min functional AMRAP for strength

ALL LEVELS / AMRAP for strength / 12 minutes Equipment: Dumbbells & kettlebells Strength training can be challenging, especially if you follow traditional methods, highly focused […]