On July 18, 2017

Evo App – The Club in your hands

EVO launches the new exclusive member App. Connect to your Personal Trainer, get exclusive tips and insights and try amazing EVO style workouts. Download it and have full access to your Club anytime, anywhere.

At EVO we go straight towards our goals and we always keep our eyes on the ball. That is why we’ve developed EVO App.


Move the EVO way

Download the EVO App to have immediate access to EVOMOVE Workouts. Designed to help you make the best use of your EVO circuit, to help you take the experience outdoors and challenge nature or to take the experience home in the days you can’t make to the Club.

EVO App offer trainings that make sense. A compilation of smart workouts guided by a virtual Personal Trainer, finding balance between insight, motivation, needs and objectives.


Keep in touch with your trainer

You can set it to match exactly what you want, when you want it. Also, your EVO Personal Trainer is always connected. Direct and fast communication that will allow you to stick to your plan when you miss your PT sessions.

evo app - evo fitness

Training tips in your pocket 24/7

With your EVO App you’ll never miss out on Club events, top stories and tips from EVO Blog and our expert and exclusive training tips.


Don’t miss a beat with the EVO App

To help get into the rhythm of EVOlution you can set the tune and never miss a beat as you connect the EVO App to your favourite fitness tracker and music.

It’s time grasp EVOlution and take control of the way training mixes with your life. It’s time to download the member exclusive EVO App. Download the App to your device now:


Download the EVOmove App for Android devices here.

Download the EVOmove App for iOS (Apple) devices here.


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