16th November 2022

4 anti-rotational exercises to include on your workout

Do you find yourself questioning your workout regime and whether you’re attending to the need of every muscle? You can see the muscle tone, core strength […]
18th October 2022

Hurts so Good: 5 Benefits of Foam Rolling

The foam rolling revolution is showing no signs of stopping. Integrating a head-to-toe rolling regime into your fitness routine won’t just improve problematic areas – you […]
24th July 2022

3 Benefits of the Woodway Treadmill

The Woodway treadmill has replaced the traditional machine as a high-performance alternative. Crafted to work the way our body naturally moves when running outdoors. 3 benefits […]
2nd March 2022

Rise and Shine: Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Starting your day with a training session has serious advantages. Here are 6 reasons why you should learn to love working out in the morning.
16th February 2022

How to Use Swedish Bars For Strength Training

Ever looked at a set of Swedish bars and not had a clue where to start with them? You’re not alone. Here's how to use Swedish bars for strength training.
12th January 2022

Going for the Snow? Here’s How Functional Training for Snowboarding And Skiing Can Help You

Winter break is coming, which means it’s time to head to your local chalet and enjoy some extreme sports. But how can you make sure that […]
29th December 2021

5 tips for developing healthy eating habits in 2022

Healthy eating habits are fundamental, regardless of what the latest fad diet is, some tips for nutrition never go out of style. Popular diets like Paleo, […]
25th December 2021

The ultimate HIIT Christmas workout (so you can eat more chocolate)

This HIIT Christmas workout is the perfect burner that will allow you to have as many chocolates as you feel like during this joly season.
1st December 2021

Winter workouts: the importance of a proper warm-up

Ever thought about this? When we feel cold, our muscles are also feeling that cold. Which means — during winter workouts — they tighten up, become […]